Brighton based Ayurvedic Consultant and Therapist.

My personal journey with Ayurveda originated from managing music venues in London and not having enough time to heal. I was burnt out and my health was damaged to the point that I had chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, repeating colds, IBS, food intolerances, bad skin, high stress and no emotional balance.

From personally using and subsequently Ayurveda for the last ten years, I now know the root cause of the problems and how I can prevent them arising again, I’ve also become a mum in the last three years and have enjoyed using these practices to foster a healthy family life. My ambition is to show you that by integrating ayurveda into your daily routine you can take control of your health.

Supporting modern lifestyles with an ancient health system

The branch of Ayurveda that I am trained in is Rasayana which promotes longevity and rejuvenation in the body, prevents early ageing, promotes strength in the mind and the body, increases memory capacity, imparts resistance against stress and immunity against disease which are all pitfalls of modern life.

In a 1:1 consultation we will concentrate on you rather than the disease or imbalance and take into consideration the condition of your physical body, your mental wellbeing and your emotions, how you are responding to the seasonal changes and the environment you live in and your everyday responsibilities, time commitments and stresses! From there we work together on building a clear, structured treatment plan that is achievable and realistic within the timeframe you can commit to.

Why Ayurveda

Living in this modern world I believe we all need to understand that our health problems can be corrected by identifying the root cause of the issue and and understanding the factors that contribute to the problem, that by learning the tools that can help us correct the issues and understand how we can holistically nourish, strengthen and rejuvenate our bodies we can prevent the illness or problems returning without relying on prescriptions. Ayurveda can teach us thisBy coming for a consultation we will work together to understand what the root cause of your issues are and the factors that contribute to the problems. By learning the correct diet and nutrition you need, by nourishing and rejuvenating the body with ayurvedic herbs and massage treatments, by learning the tools you can apply to your daily lifestyle through routine and exercise you can improve your health and live your life to your fullest potential.


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