Ayurveda teaches us to identify the root cause of our health problems and shows us the path to treat it.

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Ayurvedic oil for massage
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  1. Consultations.
    Ultimate Ayurvedic MOT for your body, mind and emotions.

  2. Therapies.
    Massages and personalised one-off treatments.

  3. Treatment Plans.
    Grouped treatments for long term benefits and cost savings.

A preventative
rather than curative outlook on true health.

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Ultimate Ayurvedic 1:1 for your
body, mind and emotions.
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Personalised massages and classic
Ayurvedic treatments.
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Treatment Plans.

Tailored treatment plans for long term health benefits and cost savings.
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Brighton based
Ayurvedic Therapist.

“I am passionate about teaching people that problems can be permanently corrected once the root cause of an imbalance is identified. Starting with a 1:1 consultation, I will build a personalised treatment plan for you using the five Ayurvedic pillars of diet and nutrition, herbal supplements, massages, exercise and lifestyle rituals. You will then be able to use these Ayurvedic tools to support your modern day lifestyle with a preventative rather than curative outlook."

Gemma Gilford, Root Founder

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Ayurvedic Low Down

Ayurveda translates from Sanskrit as “Ayur” meaning life and “Veda” meaning science of or knowledge of. It’s one of the oldest holistic healing systems known which has been dated back through medical texts written over 5000 years ago. By working with a 360 approach it focuses on finding the root cause of imbalances rather than treating the symptoms.

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